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The Coastal Craftsman, Graham Hicks, provides the best in furniture, home and business restoration and renovation. Offering a range of highly skilled specialist services in French polishing, fine quality joinery, restoration, and repair, The Coastal Craftsman can resurrect your precious items and rejuvenate your businesses and homes. Furniture repair shop, joinery, Furniture maker, cabinet maker. 

We have decades of experience creating bespoke, purpose-made cabinets, furniture and other commissions; so whatever you have in mind, we can work with you to achieve the best results.

From antique to mid-century, art deco to contemporary, we work in all styles. Whether it’s repairing water damage on a prized piece of furniture, reconstructing staircases, creating bespoke panelling or a full interior restoration, we are the company for you.

Based on the desirable Norfolk coast, North Norfolk, Mundesley with over 40 years of experience. 

French Polishing

Whether it’s rejuvenating a cherished item or upgrading a new purchase, French polishing is a highly skilled craft with the ability to transform. It covers colour matching and stain removal; this method is particularly effective on water and burn damage.


A traditional polishing technique made popular in the late 18th Century, the same method has been applied for over 200 years.


Services include:

  • Sympathetic renovation and cleaning of polished surfaces.

  • Colour-matching and blending of stains and tints.

  • Tough two-part floorboard coating.

  • Application of traditional polishes.

  • Removal of old, end of life polish.

  • Oil finishes for work surfaces.

  • High gloss piano surfaces.

  • Water and burn damage.

  • Limed/weathered oak.

  • Ebonising.

  • Beeswaxing.

  • Gilding.


Applicable to any wood and style.


Restoration, Conservation & Repair

We offer a complete service of furniture restoration and repair. We can come to you with on-sight restoration of staircases, large pieces of furniture, panelling, flooring, doors, period windows, etc. Alternatively, we will collect then resurrect smaller items, and return to you upon completion.


Services include:

  • Replacement of missing mouldings, carving, and finials.

  • Replacement of brassware, hardware and missing marquetry.

  • Complete restoration and repair of an item.

  • On site restoration of staircases, large pieces of furniture, wall panelling, floorboards, doors and period windows.

  • Wood turning of components.

  • Veneer repairs.


Applicable to all styles, particularly antique, art deco, mid-century and contemporary.



With decades of experience in cabinet and furniture making, we can deliver items purpose-made and unique to you.

Whatever your vision, be it detailed or just an idea, we will work with you to achieve the best results. With a depth of knowledge on styles, practicality, and the perfect hardware to match, let our experience work for you. And because we understand the importance of memories and nostalgia, let us recreate precious pieces from your past.

Don’t have a set or pair? We can also replicate existing pieces, handmade to match the furniture you already own.

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Fine Quality Joinery

From smaller intricate items to complicated larger scale architectural projects, immense detail and skill goes into this work to achieve the perfect fit.


Does your home call for a grand entrance door or your period windows need renovating? We can help with that.


All Listed building work considered.


Areas of work include:

  • Architectural work

  • Shop-fitting

  • Window making

  • Hotels

  • Offices

  • Bars

  • Restaurants

  • Galleries

  • Museums

  • Feature doors

  • Window shutters

  • Library shelving

  • Insurance work

  • Desks


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Some of work from the archives...

We've worked on many projects over the years, but there are always those that stay with us. Scroll for a selection of our work.

You can see more of our clients and testimonials on the about us page, here.

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